February break

It’s February break and it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve spent a break at home. I’ve spent a lot of my time trying really hard to catch up on grading (I feel so done with it…except that it’s not done).

Friday–I spent an hour on a conference call with Julie & Alexis, then spent two more hours talking to Julie. The best Friday night I’ve had in a long time.

Saturday–Spent time being a homebody & it was so nice. David and I went out to dinner and got frozen taro boba.

On Sunday, David and I went to Northampton & Amherst. We met up with Dan for lunch in Northampton at one of my favorite restaurants, Amanouz Cafe. It is so tiny and always crowded, but we managed to get a table. It is so small you can’t avoid brushing against strangers; it is warm. David and I shared a large pot of Moroccan green tea, like always. Tiny clear glasses with faded, but elaborate gold patterns, with fresh mint leaves inside. A metal teapot with a handle that gets hot. It was so comforting to eat delicious, familiar food, in a place filled with people we didn’t know but felt like we could.

Then David and I met up with Gwen and Jenny at the Academy of Music for Stage & Page, a poetry show with former US Poet Laureate Richard Wilbur and slam poet (and teacher advocate) Taylor Mali. I remember in college seeing poetry performances almost every week. I can’t remember the last time I was able to go to something like this…

Before heading home, David and I drove to Hampshire.

I got a marinated tofu sandwich at the Bridge Cafe, which was too salty, like always. It was strange not recognizing anyone except for the woman behind the counter with short, curly, sand colored hair and big clear plastic framed glasses, whose name I don’t even remember. She smiled and looked a little surprised when she recognized me too. The Bridge–a long glass hallway with tables that connects the library to the sports center–was covered in red, white, and pink hearts. Each heart had a different student’s name. There were hundreds and hundreds of them. A sign asked you imagine how many hearts there are in the world. Find your name, take your heart, and give it away to someone else. I miss Hampshire so, so much. We walked to the Red Barn as it was growing dark, and then back to our car, parked by the flag poll. We stopped at the Black Sheep Cafe for peppermint hot chocolate to go.

Monday–Sarah N. and I met for a late lunch. Since the fall she has gone from New Hampshire to Montreal to Colorado to Chicago to Mexico to Chicago and now she’s in New Hampshire. Next week she leaves for Austria. I am so envious of how easily she can pick up & move. It is so easy to talk to Sarah. It is always good to talk to someone who has known you for so long and knows the people and things that you do.

Since I was in NH,  I went to grandpa’s for dinner with mom and dad. We got pizza & sat by the fireplace. I drove back home and wrote lots of stories and letters in my head as I drove. I always say I hate driving, but it was calm and relaxing and I didn’t want it to end.

Tuesday–I was a homebody again. It was nice, again.

Wednesday–Today I drove to my parents’ house, and mom and I went shopping. We were supposed to go tomorrow, but it looks like there’s going to be snow. We got lunch & coffee and the day went by so quickly. On the way there, we listened to the mix CD I made her a few months ago.

Tomorrow, I am hoping to head to dad’s office to meet up with him for lunch, if the weather isn’t too bad.

I like getting to see my family so much. I like being able to stay up late in the dark and getting to sleep until after the sun has risen. I need to feel this calm & well-rested more often.

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  1. Dan Says:

    This may in fact be the first blog post I’ve ever read in which I’m mentioned — what an honor! It was great seeing you guys and having lunch there.