Trip to Ogunquit

Yesterday I had the day off of school. David had a doctor’s appointment and when he got home, around noon, I asked him to go to the beach with me. It was a beautiful April day, sunny and around 65 degrees. We jumped in the car and drove to Maine.

It’s so nice there now, when there’s hardly anyone around. We parked right by the water and climbed down the rocks, instead of walking around to where the sand meets the parking lot. The tide was so far in there was only a couple of feet of beach. I ran around barefoot, jumping in and out of the icy water. We walked on Marginal Way, a path that runs along the ocean to some restaurants and shops. It was hard to find any place open to eat lunch; almost all of the restaurants had “Closed ’till mid-April” signs in the windows. We bought saltwater taffy and ate some on the way back. By the time we walked back to where we had parked, the tide had gone far out. It’s difficult for me to think of anywhere so peaceful & reassuring.

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  1. John Palmer Says:

    You need to take an immune system booster!