Twilight & Easter & wall hangings

I haven’t updated much in the last week and a half because I’ve been reading the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. I started off using the excuse that all my students are reading them (”Why can’t you keep your eyes open in English class?” “Well, Ms. Richardson, I was up until 3am reading the third book…”) and I wanted to be able to discuss them, but I became genuinely engrossed about 100 pages into the first book! In one week (Saturday-Saturday) I read all four books, or about 2000 pages. I don’t think that they’re even close to the quality of the Harry Potter books, but I cared about the characters and they were a lot of fun to read. It’s a teen romance and adventures series–not the best writing (inconsistent, I think), but very engaging (and steamy!). I haven’t been that unwilling to put a book down in quite awhile…

On Easter, we drove to my parents’ house. We met them at their church. Sitting in the balcony, I smiled, thinking about how Sarah and I used to sneak plastic eggs from our yearly egg hunt to church with us. We’d eat chocolate and jelly beans in the pews. We then headed to my parents’ neighbors’ house for brunch. Mimosas, frittatas, french toast, fruit salad, lemon cake… I ate so much good food! Carol, Jeff, Parker, and Grandpa came to my parents’ for dinner. Homemade mac & cheese, sweet potatoes in a cilantro lime sauce, green beans…. angel food cake and chocolate gelato with my mom’s homemade raspberry sauce for dessert!

Easter, 1987.

It's nice that the Easter Bunny still comes for you when you're twenty-something! (David's and my Easter baskets.)

On Saturday (the day before Easter), I spent some time making wall hangings. I had the canvases since last year (when I ruined them by being too indecisive and repainting them too many times), but couldn’t find the just the right fabric. David and I hung them on the wall yesterday.

Here are all four wall hangings.

Here's a close up of two of the panels.

Here's a close up of two of the panels.

There’s so much more that’s been happening, but I’m feeling pretty sick and want to lay here and do nothing. I have a terribly sore throat and I am really congested; I think I have a fever, but haven’t checked. On Saturday, David and I leave for Los Angeles (can’t wait!!), and I just hope that I’m at least a little better…

2 Responses to “Twilight & Easter & wall hangings”

  1. John Palmer Says:

    Emily, You need an immune system booster!

  2. Mom Says:

    I love that photo of you and Sarah! You were such a little cherub.