Flight to LA

I booked our tickets on Orbitz and reserved seats next to each other. When we checked in at the airport, they had a record of David’s seat, but not mine; I had no seat. The gate agents said this happens all the time when people book though Orbitz. An hour before my flight, they called me up and handed me two first class tickets. All the coach seats were overbooked, so we got bumped up! David and I were giggly and ridiculous. It was especially nice because we had a direct flight–3,000 miles of first class!

David drinking champagne before take off.

Clouds everywhere.

We were given a menu with options for our multi-course meal. We started with bowls of warmed nuts. The flight attendant then came around with warm, wet wash clothes. We skipped the mojito shrimp, then had a chile cucumber salad with balsamic vinaigrette and multigrain rolls.  Next was our entree. We ordered the vegetarian “semolina pasta filled with four cheeses, offered with a mushroom tomato cream sauce, sauteed shallots and sliced mushrooms.” We then split a hot fudge sundae and a cheese and fruit dish. Next, they delivered Ghiradelli chooclate. Later on in the flight, we had warm chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies with milk. (Please excuse the poor photo quality…I didn’t use my flash and was trying my best to be discrete…we were clearly the only ones who didn’t fly first class regularly.)

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  1. Dan Says:

    I know what you mean! I flew to Spain once by myself for an English-language camp, and I somehow got bumped up to first class on the way there and on the way back. As soon as I boarded, a flight attendant said to me, “Orange juice or a mimosa?” At the time (I was 17), I didn’t even know what a mimosa was, so I just got the OJ. Then I was delighted to find that I couldn’t even touch the seat ahead of mine with my foot.

    Of course, ever since, it’s been back to steerage! But sometimes I’m lucky enough to be seated in the exit row where there’s much more legroom. In fact, I always try to get one of the first boarding passes on a Southwest flight so that I can pick just such a seat.