three good days

On Friday after school, a bunch of my coworkers and I headed to Ryan’s, our art teacher’s, home to see the small organic farm that she recently moved to, have some drinks, and share good company after a long & tiring week. It is a magical place that is difficult to describe. There is stuff everywhere–absolutely everywhere–and I couldn’t stop looking all around me in amazement. Paintings, sculptures, books, art supplies, papers, old toys, and junk… There are chickens, bees, gardens, and mint leaves. It reminded me a little bit of my sister’s apartment, but it was so much more than that…

Yesterday, David and I went to Earthfest, an annual concert put on by 92.9 that celebrates music and the environment. It’s held at the Hatch Shell, an outdoor concert venue in the Charles River Esplanade. There were lots of booths set up with free samples (Whole Foods, Vitamin Water, Stoneyfield Farm, Burt’s Bees, Olivia’s Organics, Nantucket Nectar, etc.). We got to hear Shawn Mullins play “Lullaby,” which was a highlight for me. Afterward, we met up with Ross by the Common for coffee.

Shawn Mullins playing "Lullaby"

David & me standing in the Esplanade, in front of the Charles.

Today we met up with my mom at the Rail Trail, a bike/walking path that is on what used to be railroad tracks. It follows the Nashua River, and offers beautiful scenic views. We rode 20 miles; my mom (who is in her mid-50s) was way faster than either of us, and I always brought up the rear. Still, it felt good to be able to go that far since I haven’t been on a bike in so long. I’m going to train for the Seacost Century (or possibly the half century…) in the fall, which my mom and I plan to ride together. She’s also riding the International Century this summer, with Uncle John. My butt hurts so much, and my thighs hurt a little, but overall I feel great. In a way, the soreness feels nice. I’m really looking forward to training.

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  1. Mom Says:

    Thanks for the mid-50’s comment. It’s actually late-50’s. Maybe you would like to ride part of the International Century with us.

    I did not say David looked like an alien in that photo.