Newburyport & Plum Island

This is my favorite photo from Plum Island today. It was so, so beautiful.

Today David and I drove to Newburyport, MA. We walked around downtown and split a roasted veggie sandwich and a bowl of gazpacho for lunch at The Purple Onion. We ate outside in the sun. I don’t remember ever going to Newburyport before today, but it reminded us a bit of Portsmouth, NH–brick sidewalks and buildings, cute shops and cafes, and the ocean.

We then went to the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island. It was absolutely beautiful. We rode our bikes almost the entire length of the island, or about 10 miles round trip. We stopped to do several walks through the woods, marshes, and dunes on the way. Afterwards, we walked along the beach (a portion of which was closed because of nesting piper plovers, a shorebird that is threatened).

There are so many photos from today, it was hard to narrow it down…

This is right next to the road we biked on.

This is also alongside the road we were biking on.

We parked our bikes and walked...

We are getting so good at using the self-timer on my camera.

We are getting so good at using the self-timer on my camera.

I've identified this bird as a red-winged blackbird. I have other photos where you can see the bird's striking red wing, but I like this photo of the bird best.

I hope to go back again this summer!

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    I want to go there!