two things at school that brought a smile to my face

1) Tonight is exhibition night. Four hours today were dedicated to setting up exhibition night–revising work, putting it on digital portfolios, and setting up the exhibitions. Students needed to have their work (and rubrics with teacher feedback) so they could revise during prep time. One of my students didn’t have her rubric for her recent Midsummer Night’s Dream project. Frustrated, I asked her where it was. “Well, I was so proud of it… it’s on my refrigerator at home…”

2) We had an all-school assembly in the auditorium so that Endersession groups could present what they did and learned last week. During one group’s slideshow of photos, the students started to complain that there wasn’t music to accompany it. That lasted for about 5 seconds, when one student said, “Let’s make the music!” It started with just a few voices, but eventually almost the entire school was singing Build Me Up Buttercup.

1 Response to “two things at school that brought a smile to my face”

  1. Randy Ellen Ross Says:

    You are a teacher who gets it. Your students are very lucky. If they haven’t figured it out yet, they will.