An awesome five days! Oh, I love summer!

This is a long post…

July 3

On Friday, I went on a 25 mile bike ride with my mom. I hadn’t been feeling too well in the morning (I woke up with a terrible headache), but it was the first consistent sunshine we’d seen in days and I was dying to try out my new bike. Even though I wasn’t feeling great the whole time, it was awesome! I definitely went a lot faster on the road bike, though my mom still out rode me. I felt like it was easier to push myself really hard–I ended the bike ride more exhausted than I have felt in awhile. It’s definitely going to take a lot of practice. I had a hard time keeping my balance when I stood up to pedal really hard. Afterward, my mom and I went and got peppermint stick ice cream cones.

We then went berry picking at Brookdale Farm. I was supposed to go with co-workers earlier in the week, but it was pouring rain every day. We went to get strawberries, but also picked raspberries and cherries.

The fruit is so delicious–it’s amazing how much different it tastes from what you buy in the grocery store! David was pretty excited about the berries. We’ve been snacking on them and eating them on our cereal every morning.

That evening, we drove to my hometown, where my parents still live, for fireworks. We sat with my parents and grandfather, and a bunch of their neighbors and friends, and listened to the town band play before the fireworks started. I ran into my friend Holly who spent all of last year in Abu Dhabi working with a boy with autism; she goes back at the end of August. She works for the New England Center for Children, a non-profit organization that serves children with autism. It was really exciting to see her and hear about her incredible experiences this past year. I also ran into Alexis’s family.  It was strange, though, how few people I knew at the fireworks…

My parents enjoying the fireworks.

We spent the night at my parents’ because we were heading to the town parade the next day.

July 4

In the morning, my dad drove my grandfather to the center of town and my mom, David, and I walked.  It’s difficult to explain just how charming and quaint the annual 4th of July parade is. There are horses, marching bands, the town kazoo band, bagpipers, floats, every fire engine from several towns over, antique cars, revolutionary war reinactors, clowns, environmental groups, the boy scouts, antique bicycles… In election years, there are always politicians since the event is a great photo op (George Bush shook my hand one year, another year I saw Elizabeth Dole, I heard Bill Richardson speak last year…). As always, we stood in front of Carol, Jeff, Teydin, and Parker’s house.

After the parade we ate lunch on The Green where there are always a bunch of different booths selling food, raising money for various organizations and charities. David bought rootbeer to support the democrats.

Some bicycles on The Green after the parade. I decorated my bicycle and rode in the parade every year until I was in 4th or 5th grade.

My mom and David walking down the dirt road by my parents' house, heading home.

July 5

David stayed home to get some work done, but I headed to Squam Lake to spend time with my friend Sam and her mom (who was my Destination Imagination coach throughout high school and I call “Shmom” because she was like a second mom to all of us). Our friend Cliff, who we met eight years ago when our teams both went to Destination Imagination Global Finals, was also there. Sam’s parents live in a huge, beautiful house that they built way up on a hill (mountain is more like the right word? Their driveway has switchbacks). The house is nestled way up in the trees, with balconies on multiple levels that look down at the lake. Across the street from their long, very scary/steep driveway they have a gorgeous gazebo with a firepit, and a dock. When I got there we ate breakfast and then headed out on the boat.

Their house is about mid-way up, towards the right. They built it so it would blend in with the natural landscape and be hard to see from the water.

Sam and me. Photo taken by Sam.

Sam and me. Photo taken by Sam.

Cliff goes tubing!

Cliff goes tubing!

Sam took this photo of me.

Cliff playing the banjo on the dock.

Cliff playing the banjo on the dock.

Sam took this photo of me on the dock.

Sam’s parents made us an early dinner before we headed off. I had a veggie burger and grilled vegetables (eggplant, red pepper, zuchini, and onions). The grilled vegetables were soooo good. We had grilled pinapple with vanilla ice cream for dessert! It was such a wonderful day in the sun. It was so good to see Shmom, Cliff, and Sam.

When I got home that evening, David really wanted to go see our city’s fireworks, which had been postponed a day because of weather (though the previous evening had been clear?). We tried to ride our bikes, but after awhile the traffic was too scary and there was absolutely no shoulder, so we walked our bikes.

The fireworks were shot off over the river. There was a beautiful full moon.

The fireworks were shot off over the river. There was a beautiful full moon.

We found a sandy shore where we watched the fireworks from.

While it wasn’t quite as quaint as the celebration the day before, the fireworks show was really long and impressive. They had about three “finales.”

July 6

Since David had worked a half day on Sunday, we headed to the beach in the late morning (David worked in the early morning and when we returned). We went to Hampton Beach, which is usually pretty crowded and has lots of tacky gift shops, but I like walking on the boardwalk. We got lunch, played word games while lying in the sun, and then we went swimming. It feels so good to be outside!!

July 7

The sun has gone away… It’s been pouring for most of today. I used the rain as an opportunity to spend the afternoon baking! I baked two new kinds of bread, a whole wheat & flaxseed bread and a sweet dough bread stuffed with raspberry jam & cream cheese. I’ll post the recipes tomorrow!

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    I love your photos. The raspberry jam & cream cheese bread is delicious!