Grandpa’s 85th birthday: a week of celebration!

Last Wednesday, Uncle John, Aunt Martha, and my 17-year-old cousin Evan arrived from Colorado. Since then, it’s been non-stop partying and family time. My grandfather’s 85th birthday is next weekend so we’ve had a lot of guests–Keith, Alan, and Neil (my uncle’s childhood friends who my uncle, mom, and grandfather have known since they were in diapers); Besty, Dave, Allie, and Christina (Betsy’s my mom’s cousin, Allie and Christina are my second cousins); Ed and Marion (Ed is my grandfather’s brother); Carol, Jeff, Teydin, and Parker (they live in the same town as my parents–Carol’s sister is Martha, my mom’s brother John’s wife); and Carol and Martha’s brother, Chuck.

On Wednesday, July 15, a whole bunch of us had dinner at my parents’. On Thursday, John, my mom, and grandfather came to visit my apartment. I showed them around the city–John had never been here before–and we went out to lunch.

Friday, I went to North Beach with Teydin, Parker, and Evan. It was around 90 degrees and sunny until you got a few miles from the ocean where it got significantly cooler, overcast and incredibly foggy. We still went in the water, but it was pretty cold. We got wraps for lunch at Secret Spot, and I got a smoothie.

Evan, Parker, and Teydin.

Evan and me.

Our view of the water from where we set down our towels. While you can't tell from the photo, we weren't actually far from the water. When we were in the water, we couldn't see our towels because it was so foggy.

On Friday night everyone went to my grandfather’s for pizza.

On Saturday, everyone went to Carol & Jeff’s house. David’s brother Brian took the bus from Cambridge so he could come.

We played this "corn in the hole" bean bag tossing game for quite awhile. In this photo are my dad and Jeff.

Chuck, Keith, Alan, and Grandpa.

Siblings! My mom and John.



My grandfather & the neighborhood kids. Neil, Keith, Grandpa, Alan, John.

Brian, me, and David.

Brian, David, and Jeff.

Evan and Teydin with the lacrosse sticks. We went swimming!


On Sunday, Betsy, Dave, Allie, and Christina arrived. We all ate food from the grill at my parents’ house for dinner. I had a lot of fun playing frisbee in the yard with Dave, David, and Evan.

Evan and Grandpa.

Mom and Betsy.

Grandpa and John.

Martha, Alan, Betsy, and Dad.

Grandpa, Evan, Allie, David, and Christina on the back porch.

Evan lights Grandpa's birthday candles as David watches.

Uncle John, me, and Grandpa.

Dave, Uncle John, and David.

Dave, Uncle John, and David.

I have such an incredible family. It was so, so nice to see everyone. Even more relatives are coming next weekend. Unfortunately, David and I bought plane tickets before the party plans had been made. I’ll miss seeing my sister and many other people, which I’m pretty disappointed about, but I am incredibly excited about our trip…

Tomorrow we leave for Seattle. On Friday we’re taking a train to Portland, and Monday evening we fly to LA to visit Bruce and Randy (David’s parents)!!

4 Responses to “Grandpa’s 85th birthday: a week of celebration!”

  1. Mom Says:


  2. Randy Says:

    Happy Birthday to your wonderful grandfather. Lovely pictures-looks like a fabulous celebration.

  3. Bruce Says:


    Sounds like a fun event — and it continues. Looking forward to seeing you.


  4. Jan Says:

    Hi Emily,
    You all look fantastic! Give your grandfather a great big hug from us! The pictures are great - there’s no question that John is your grandfather’s son, or that YOU are your mother’s daughter!!!
    Jan, Jeff, Melissa & Brian