goodbye summer

Last week was the last week of summer vacation. I spent it well, though that doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye. I went to the beach twice with my mom. I spent one evening with three childhood friends: Sarah V, Sarah N, and Anne. On Sunday, my last day of vacation, David and I visited one of our favorite people, our friend Julie who went to Hampshire College with us. She lives in Lebanon, NH; it was a beautiful drive on roads completely surrounded with green–trees as far as you could see.

Here I am with Julie at the cafe where we ate lunch, in Hanover, NH (where Dartmouth is).

Julie and David in her apartment. David loves Julie because she laughs at all his bad jokes.

I can’t believe that she’s lived there for almost a year now and this was our first time visiting her there. It was so nice just sitting in her apartment, talking. Julie’s the type of person who I think I could talk to forever. When we were in college and sharing an apartment, whenever I was sitting on the worn, comfy, blue velvet couch that was leftover from whoever lived there before us (the couch that when you hit it or sat down with force clouds of dust & dirt floated into the air) and Julie was headed upstairs, I’d say, “Oh, just one more thing…” and I’d trick her into staying almost every time.

My last week of vacation wasn’t all rainbows & sunshine & friends. Our landlord informed us that he’s found a buyer for our condo and we need to move out. We were extremely shocked and upset. Our lease ran out in July, but we have an email in which it was agreed that our lease was to be renewed until the end of June 2010. (I feel certain that our landlord showed the buyer our place while we were on vacation, since he knew we were away, without ever telling us, let alone giving us the mandatory 24 hours notice.) In a panic, we spent a few days looking at apartments. We found one we liked and were hoping to get our landlord to pay moving costs. After a week of panic/frustration/searching/trying to get our landlord to call us back, on Monday he informed us that we could, in fact, stay, and that he’d “stuck his neck out for us,” and spoken to the buyer who agreed to lease it to us after he acquires it (first it was Nov 1, then Feb 1…). This should have been a huge relief, but it wasn’t. We’re incredibly frustrated and feel misled.  We decided last night that we are going to move anyway and that we don’t want to stay in this situation. It looks like we’ll be moving over Labor Day.

On Monday, I started school. It was really hard to go back–summer has been so good for me–but it was AWESOME to see my co-workers! The last three days have mostly been meetings, everything from Deescalation & Restraint training, to 504 training, to planning interdisciplinary projects. Tomorrow it looks like we will have some planning time which I think will make me feel a little less overwhelmed. I have a brand new 11th grade English curriculum to plan!

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