new home, Squam Lake, my grandfather skydives!

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve updated. Between the start of school and moving, I have been totally exhausted and haven’t had much time for anything. Today, though, I am making good decisions: frolicking, baking cakes, updating my blog, and ignoring boxes, planning, and grading.

We spent some time during the week packing, and quite a bit of time on Friday (which I had off). On Saturday, we took the day off and went to my friend Sam’s parents’ lakehouse, on Squam Lake. We had a really great time swimming, boating, and eating lots of delicious food.

Sam took these wonderful photos:

On Monday, Labor Day, we moved in to our new apartment. My childhood friend who I’ve known since I was two, Sarah, came and helped out, though we also hired movers. I was excited to move–to start over in a new place–but it was a little sad. It had just started to really feel like home. That night, my principal and his wife, who’s a Language Arts teacher at the middle school, stopped by and brought us cookies. It was the nicest thing and I smiled about it for hours.

These are photos I took of our old apartment during the week before we moved:

We really miss our rooftop deck.

View from our deck. The trolly tracks went right by us.

Sarah took this of David and me on moving day. We're on our deck (the yellow building).

Our new apartment (I don’t have a lot now, but will take more soon-ish, when we’ve finished unpacking):

This is the entryway when you come into the building. (You can see the front doors in the back of the photo.) Sorry these next few ones are blurry... I was totally embarrassed to be taking photos.

More entryway!

Seating area by the elevator. David hates it... it does sort of feel like a hotel. You can see the art gallery/function room in the back left corner.

Our new apartment! 17' windows!

It's a really open design. I took this picture from the kitchen (you can see the counter).

It's an open concept. This picture I took from the kitchen (hence the counter).

We’ve moved into the same building as our friends (one is an English & Spanish teacher at the high school with me, his wife teachers science at the middle school). They had us over for dinner on Thursday. It’s really nice having friends as neighbors!

I also much mention — happy 85th birthday to Papa R, who celebrated by skydiving last week (he’s a bit more of a risk taker than me…)! My parents went to Texas to celebrate his birthday and were a bit alarmed when something went wrong with the parachute. Luckily they cut it away and the reserve chute worked!!

Here's Papa landing with the reserve chute. Evidently it was a rougher landing because the reserve chute is smaller.

My parents took this photo of Papa landing with the reserve chute. Evidently it was a rougher landing because the reserve chute is smaller.

2 Responses to “new home, Squam Lake, my grandfather skydives!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Love the photos, especially the ones from Squam Lake. You and David are adorable!

  2. Randy Ellen Ross Says:

    Kathe is such a wise woman. Looks like you’ve made lots of progress on the apt.