Capture the Flag

Today in advisory, my group was playing capture the flag against another 9th grade advisory. We were totally into the game. I LOVE capture the flag and am pretty sneaky. I made it onto the other team’s side and was about to free three of my students from jail when someone yelled out, “THE TEACHER IS ON OUR SIDE!!!” A 9th grade boy ¬†went to tag me, but pushed a little too hard and fell on top of me. I ended up flat on my stomach with a tall boy on top of me.

I tried to brush it off, but there were still lots of “YOU TACKLED MS. R? SHE’S SO LITTLE! HOW COULD YOU?!?! YOU’LL NEVER PASS ENGLISH NOW!” comments. The boy who tackled me was incredibly apologetic and probably a little mortified. He’s a really nice kid.

I went to the nurse and got bandaged up nicely. There are cuts on my stomach and what I’m sure will be bruises (a little nausea too), and a really big bleeding/oozing wound located on my left arm. Battle scars!

The worst part, though, is that after all this my advisory didn’t even win!!

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