some good moments in 2009!

Despite having a few different offers for things to do tonight, David and I are spending it at home by ourselves. I’m not feeling so great and David was pretty happy to stay in too.

I’ve spent time looking at my photos from the past 12 months and wanted to share some really good moments of 2009 (in no particular order).

Sarah surprised mom and came home from Toronto for her play (photo taken by Jeff).

David and I went to Ogunquit before the summer crowd.

Not a good photo, but certainly a highlight of 2009. While flying to LA, we got bumped to first class!

At Bruce and Randy's (David's parents) house. I wish I were there right now...

On the path by Bruce and Randy's house.

Written on a tent at Camp Darfur, my students' genocide awareness event.

David walks on Plum Island.

Three of my students on our bike trip to Martha's Vineyard.

Pike Place Market in Seattle.

The Seattle Public Library.

Forest Park in Portland, OR.

Just before my mom and I got on our bikes to ride in the Seacoast Century.

David in Newport, RI for our anniversary.

David and me with our friend Dan less than a month ago. We went to Hampshire for Kendell and Kate's Div III readings. Western MA still feels like home to me.

There are so many more good moments of which I don’t have photos, or that I’m not posting because this entry could go on and on… This is just a small sampling of things that made me smile this year.

Here’s to many more wonderful days in 2010!

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  1. Randy Says:

    These are wonderful, Emily.