a good, good weekend

After school on Friday, I went over to Shannon’s house with a bunch of my colleagues to make s’mores in her fireplace and play Banagrams, which happens to be my favorite word game (it just barely beats out Boggle!). Chocolate + a bunch of teachers on the floor arranging word tiles = a great way to start the weekend!

On Saturday, Johnna, Josh, and Ross, three of our friends from Hampshire, came to visit and attend Winterfest. Ross’s girlfriend, Rachel, joined us too. We had lunch at The Mambo Grill and then watched some human dogsled races. We spent the evening talking, playing cards, and drinking wine.

Human dogsled races!! (Well, the crowd gathered to watch them...)

At The Old Court. David, Johnna, Rachel (Ross's girlfriend), Ross, and Josh.

Ross is in the background, Josh is in the foreground.

Me & Ross! (Yes, I spent the evening hanging out in my long underwear...)

Today David and I spent this morning looking at awesome things to do in Iceland (five days!!!). We’ve now put hiking a glacier at the top of our list. We went out to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch, then we went grocery shopping. I made an early, delicious dinner (recipe to follow!). Right now dessert, custard, is baking in the oven.

This weekend has been so good. I did not even think about work. I wish I had more time to spend with friends and do things for myself and the people I love. I need to make more time.

2 Responses to “a good, good weekend”

  1. Mom Says:

    I’m glad you had a good weekend, but we missed you in NJ. Nice scarf.

  2. Ross Says:

    Thanks for having us up! Methinks Rachel and I will visit Lowell again!