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June 8, 2010

Our high school has a program called Endersession that focuses on getting students out of the classrooms for experiential, hands-on learning during the last full week of the school year. It’s an exciting time that both students and teachers look forward to all year. Teachers get to design a course around an interest or passion that they may not normally get to explore with students; students get to go out into the world to learn about topics they want to learn more about. It helps avoid burnout at the end of the year, and helps us end on an incredibly positive note.

This year, the courses being offered are:

  • Shape the Universe (a blacksmithing course)
  • Coastal Ecosystems of New England (they are camping on Martha’s Vineyard)
  • Exploring Colleges throughout New England
  • Habitat for Humanity in Portland, ME
  • Transcendentalism (including trips to Walden Pond, etc.)
  • Muse in the Museum and Gallery Hunting (heading to art museums around MA)
  • Tour of Massachusetts (exploring Boston, Salem, Lexington & Concord, etc.)
  • Hiking the Long Trail (backpacking in VT!)
  • Costa Rica Experience (was originally Guatemala, but they changed their destination last week due to natural disasters in the country)*
  • Writing, Recording, and Producing a Hip-Hop Album
  • Sports Week
  • Where Does Our Food Come From? (my colleague and friend Ryan and I are running this… more details below)

*To read the blog/site that our students in Costa Rica are keeping, head here:

Here are bios of students on the trip:

Where does our food come from?

Monday: We headed to Stonyfield Farm in Londonderry, NH and learned about yogurt, the company’s efforts to protect the environment, and their commitment to sustainable agriculture. We also got lots and lots of samples. We then headed back to school and watched the documentary Food, Inc.

Tuesday: Today we volunteered all day at the New Entry Sustainable Food Project in Dracut, MA. We helped plant flowers, clean up, and get ready for their season!

Wednesday-Friday: Tomorrow morning we are heading to the FARM Institute on Martha’s Vineyard. Students will be feeding/caring for animals, milking cows, planting/harvesting vegetables, cooking food, and more! (Students even have the option to participate in chicken processing tomorrow.) We return late Friday afternoon.

I love Endersession!