it’s been a long time…

It’s been a long time since I last updated — a month and a half! I feel like so much has happened.

My friend Ryan and I had a blast on Endersession. I learned so much over the course of the week, especially during the time we spent at The Farm Institute. While there, we took care of the animals, planted and harvested food, made our meals, wrangled a bull… !

I'm milking a goat.

Every year, after Endersession is over and we only have a couple of days of school left, I wonder why we didn’t do something similar earlier in the year. The positive school culture that is created and the relationships that are formed amongst students and between students and teachers are so incredible. Students (and teachers!) also learn a lot! I’m hoping to really push for a mini-Endersession (”Wintercession”) between semesters next year.

Speaking of next year… There have been so many plans…

I got into The New School’s MFA in creative writing program, focusing on writing literature for children and young adults. I was excited; I had doubted whether I would get in because at the open house I attended they said they only accept 10% of creative writing applicants. The plan was to move to NYC so I could attend grad school. David mostly works from home, so his company was okay with this. Ultimately, however, I decided not to attend. It was extremely expensive (even with a modest merit scholarship), and while I really want to go to grad school, I still don’t know exactly what I want to study. I love writing (and it would have undoubtedly been a fun, challenging, and exciting two years), but I’m also interested in getting my Masters in Library Science, pursuing a degree in literature, possibly getting an MAT (Master’s in the art of teaching — part of your coursework is related to education, part to your subject area), and possibly exploring the social work field. I need to spend some time figuring out what I really want to pursue.

The second plan was for us to spend six months traveling around the world. Because of David’s job, we’re going to have to hold off on that dream for at least another year. I still feel a bit disheartened and disappointed to not pursue this immediately, since dreams like this always seem to get put on hold…

The next plan was to move to NYC, even if I wouldn’t be attending grad school. I had a cool job opportunity, my sister and a bunch of our college friends live there… It’s NYC; it would be awesome! I told my principal and all of my students that I was leaving. On the last day of school, we said our farewells. The reaction from students was overwhelming and only partially anticipated. Lots of tears were shed…

A week or so ago, I made the decision to return to the school where I teach. There were a lot of factors contributing to this, but I think that ultimately I realized what my priorities are and what’s most important to me. I believe so strongly in our school’s vision and approach to education. I love my students–so much that sometimes I feel like my heart is going to explode–and I work with some of the most inspiring, dedicated people on the planet. My coworkers have become my friends.

My principal and the director of our school offered me an amazing position teaching just three days a week next year. I’ll be teaching one 9th grade English class and one 11th/12th grade elective English class. I’ll also be running the newspaper, and I’ve been put in charge of developing and implementing Senior Projects.

David and I are moving to Cambridge, since I’ll only have to commute three days. I’m going to have so much more time to write, read, and pursue my own interests. I’m especially hoping to focus on writing next year. I’m also thinking about taking some grad school courses starting in January. I’ve also begun looking into ceramics/pottery classes, something I’ve been interested in for years but never followed through on. I really think that working three days a week will enable me to be a better, happier teacher. I will feel more successful and more fulfilled.

I’m excited to see this vision that we started with three years ago in the Old Town Hall through. Next spring, our first senior class graduates. I’m thrilled I get to continue being a part of all this.

It’s been pretty awesome this past week telling students that I am coming back. I went to breakfast with three students who I’m close with so I could tell them in person. One of them knocked my smoothie onto the ground in her flurry of excitement. I’ve been greeted with emails in all capital letters, “IS IT TRUE?!?!?!?!” It feels good. It feels really good.

I realized today that it’s almost the halfway mark… summer is almost half over! I need to read more books, spend more time at the ocean, make more food, visit NYC, and hopefully get to spend more summer evenings with friends. (Oh, and we need to pack up and move. But I’m trying to forget about that.) The first two weeks in August David and I are heading to CA. I’m excited. There’s so much to be excited about!

2 Responses to “it’s been a long time…”

  1. ryan Says:

    This post made me so excited. I think it is going to lead to so many great opportunities!

    I want to plan a ladies night six week session of clay with experimental pit firings this fall. You should think about that!

  2. Mom Says:

    I love the photos.