Almost invisible mirrored tree house built in Sweden

My mom emailed me an article about this “Treehotel” that recently opened in Sweden. It’s so spectacular. What an amazing idea!

When I was little, my parents and Papa R. built my sister and me a tree house, which is still tucked in the woods behind their house. They attached a wooden ladder they built to the front of the house, which was only scary to climb the first couple of times. The tree house was one of my favorite places, even when the mosquitoes were eating me. It was nice to have a place that felt like all my own, nestled high up above the ground.

This article also made me think about one of my first days at Hampshire. I was waiting in line (I no longer remember for what, probably dinner). A young woman introduced herself to me and asked what I was studying. “I’m going to study literature. What about you?” “Tree houses! I’ve always been fascinated by tree houses. Did you know…”

It was a perfect introduction to Hampshire, where every day I’m so grateful I was able to spend four years. If only they had a graduate program…

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  1. John Palmer Says:

    You hit the nail right on the head! You initiate the new graduate progam an Hampshire.
    Shmooze with the deans, get some grant money and bingo, you could be in the first graduating class!