I am the 9th grade Lead English teacher at a charter school in Massachusetts. Here you’ll find the curriculum that I developed last year with my co-teacher, Sasha, and that I’ve been working on revising this year. While I also teach 10th grade English, I am only responsible for planning the 9th grade curriculum.

This year I’ve added some new units, such as the Latin American unit, gotten rid of some lesson plans, and tweaked some others. While it’s difficult to throw out lessons that we spent lots of time creating last year, I think that I’m quickly learning how important it is! I need to be flexible, consider what my students really need, and evaluate how lessons or entire units succeeded (or didn’t!).

My school emphasizes project-based, interdisciplinary learning. Much of my curriculum corresponds with units students are completing in history class. It really helps students to contextualize what they are reading. For example, during the propaganda/1984 unit, in history class students study propaganda used during different revolutions. While we read Things Fall Apart, students study Europe’s “scramble for Africa.”

I strive to create hands-on, engaging, and relevant lessons. It is exciting to teach at a school where I have so much freedom to design and create curriculum. However, I also know how much time and energy go into creating lessons. It is my hope that some of my ideas, and my co-workers’, can be used by other teachers.

If you take a lesson or a unit, please don’t post it elsewhere without permission.

If you have feedback on a lesson or additional ideas, please contact me (notsorural [at] gmail [dot] com).